Salvia Divinorum – How to smoke salvia

How to smoke the leaves of salvia

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Salvia divinorum leaf is a herb that has been used as a healing therapy by Indians in southwestern Mexico. Within the modern world, it is used through ingestion technique, which comprises of smoking the leaves to generate effective effects. Most people need assistance in relation to smoking Salvia leaf , as one does not have any idea of his / her own acceptable level of smoking. The reason for this might end up being unconventional smoking techniques or inadequate doasage amounts. The most active principal of this leaf is a diterpenoid compound labeled as salvinorin A. In many cases, a lot of us require this dose twice a day as a portion of salvorin A is diminished when burning, some disappears in the smoke while some is gone when a person exhales.
If an individual would really like to smoke the leaves of salvia, it is essential to get the ideal material completely ready. One must have a pipe or bong, butane lighters, Salvia leaf, cannabis to be attached to the pipe to steer clear of waste and a calming place to have this peaceful experience. A water-cooled inhaling device which can include your water pipe will allow you to inhale massive amounts of smoke, as it would be no problem to inhale cooled smoke without the need of breathing problems. The pipe stem ought not to be blocked by particles of preceding use. Fill the pipe with weed at one end of the pipe. If you happen to be using a water pipe, then its more satisfying to add cool water and ice inside your pipe to get a cooling effect.
Then add salvia divinorum leaf with great care to the measure because it is important- the potency of the extract needs to be similar to the amount of leaves used in one inhalation. Right before inhaling and feeling the smoke, you want to make sure that the leaves are really burning, which you will do with the lighter. You can puff it three or four times without inhaling just to check the flame and if it is not burning, then the extract will surely flame up the leaves.

When you will open your mouth, the smoke will come out so that you can chase and let it cool to be entered into your lungs. Then just relax, get comfortable and hold the smoke for 45 seconds with closed eyes. You will start to feel the effect in 20 to 25 seconds and then you will adjust to it, forgetting about the smoke in your mouth. You will soon take off, moving into worlds of reality.

How Did Charley Ford Leave His Mark On Long Beach

How Charley Ford left his mark on Longbeach. Escaping the drugs and legal highs. More and more these days, kids in inner-city Long Beach are turning to skateboarding to avoid the life of violence and drugs that beckons from the streets. Unfortunately, sometimes it finds them anyway.

In the city’s skateparks, from El Dorado Park to Silverado, they’ve found a supportive community that nurtures talent and takes care of its own, even receiving increasing support from the city and local foundations that keep their homes-away-from-home clean, safe and growing. A few have made a career of it, even found fame and stardom. But the reality of their surroundings is sometimes inescapable, and Long Beach can ill afford to lose any more promising young skaters.

On a sunny afternoon in Compton, 24-year old local skater Charley “C.J.” Ford was shot and killed by an unknown assailant as he sat in the passenger seat of a parked car. His friend Terrell Gibbs and Gibbs’ ten-month old daughter were also inside, but neither was injured. The loss of Ford is quickly being felt throughout the city.More at



Lot of love going on. Rest in Peach big man…..



Tony Hawks – Pro Skater


First up a bit on Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD. Esestial game I would think, we have had hours of fun in the office playing this new game in the series. 

The game looks great. Even though there’s some dreadful texture pop-in (which is expected, considering the game is based on Unreal Engine 3), the design is fantastic – I particularly enjoyed the new rendition of Venice Beach, which takes place during the sunset. The muted orange palette is really fantastic, and is a visual highlight.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

The camera did not fare as well – I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something slightly off about it, making you unable to see some of the level. This is only a problem occasionally, however, and you do get used to it. Same goes for the controls – at the beginning, I was crashing into everything, as the physics were just a little bit different from the original two games. After about an hour’s practice, though, something clicked, and I was able to pull off my usual lines with ease. There is also no revert available for you to do, but this is not a problem, as each of the maps were designed before the move was invented. I would also highly recommend buying the PS3 version – the game is clearly made to be played with the D-pad, and that is an area where the DualShock 3 controller really excels.

(which is my personal favourite title) in the original download, instead of saving them for DLC. The new modes, such as Big Head, are fun, and the new ‘projectives’ add an extra layer of challenge, but you still can’t shake the feeling like there’s a lot missing….More at Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD – Review






Many good reviews on Twitter, make your mind up yourself. Either way its a good luagh